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Getting started: TSI Rankings Report

TSI Rankings Report is the latest product from Tourism Sentiment Index. This report lets you easily articulate to stakeholders the value and strengths of your destination’s brand by looking at how its performance compares to others around the world. It reveals the good news stories you can share each quarter of the year.

We created Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI) to be the standard measurement for a destination’s complete brand. It allows destination marketers to see how their activities and all the stories told about a place by others (visitors, residents, operators, media, associations, etc.) are affecting a destination’s reputation. The TSI Live platform is the technology at the heart of Tourism Sentiment Index.

TSI Rankings Report is a powerful tool that draws on our TSI Live platform. The platform holds more than a billion online conversations and content pieces publicly available about 21,330 global destinations. That data is collected, filtered and categorized into as many as 50 tourism assets, then assessed for positive, neutral or negative sentiment to arrive at the Tourism Sentiment Score®.

With the TSI Rankings Report, we bring context to your destination’s performance. The report places your destination’s Tourism Sentiment Score® and other data about its performance next to places around the world, giving you a clear sense of how your destination is doing – a sense of how good is good and how much you need to pay attention to weak spots.

Here are a few ways that the TSI Rankings Report can help you share good news and demonstrate how well your destination is doing.

Understanding why quarterly rankings are important

Many voices shape a destination’s complete brand and influence a destination’s reputation. But it is the destination marketing organization that is the steward of the brand and has the most influence. Tracking your destination’s reputation and sharing how it develops are critical for supporting stakeholders, aligning everyone around earning a positive reputation and celebrating your collective success.

Sharing good news

Each report starts with the headlines. This is an important source to check for good news stories and perspectives on competitive performance. This page can also be shared as an executive summary or as an update to a board.

Comparing your destination to global, national and state benchmarks

An important and immediate way to consider how your destination’s complete brand is performing is watching how it compares to averages at local to international levels.

Monitoring how your destination’s reputation changes

The report plots your destination’s Tourism Sentiment Score® from the past 15 months next to the trend line that marks the trajectory of your performance across the last 18 months. This view can show you seasonal patterns, reveal the impact of specific large-scale events or issues, and predict how sentiment about your destination may change in the future.

Looking at competitive destinations

Curiosity about competitors is normal for any industry; tourism is no different. The TSI Live platform can identify similar destinations based on activity profile, proximity, size and tourism assets. This report reveals how your destination compares to competitive locations.

Learning what’s driving your destination’s reputation

On one page, the report provides details about the top drivers of your Tourism Sentiment Score® and, on the following pages, delves into every tourism asset in your destination. With this information, you can track performance for particular sectors, experiences or services, and kick off discussions about the best ways to promote and support those areas.

Ranking destinations around the world

The report closes with that quarter’s global rankings for each tourism asset. You may or may not find your destination in the top performers, but you can always see how it compares to the Leading Places.

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