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How to: Use the Tourism Sentiment Score®

Updated: May 2, 2022

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • What is the Tourism Sentiment Score®?

  • How is the Tourism Sentiment Score® calculated?

  • What can I learn from the Tourism Sentiment Score®?

To understand the Tourism Sentiment Score® and how to use it, watch this video tutorial or read the text explanation that follows.

The Tourism Sentiment Score® is the measure of a destination’s ability to generate positive word of mouth. It is an aggregate score derived from the tone of online conversations that relate to visitors’ tourism experiences in a destination.

Reading the data

TSI Live collects all the conversations around a destination and sorts them into three types:

  • Promoters who actively recommend or speak positively about the destination to others.

  • Passives who speak about the destination from an indifferent point of view.

  • Detractors who actively discourage or speak negatively about the destination to others.

These sorted conversations are further analyzed, resulting in the calculation of a destination’s top-level performance measurement, the Tourism Sentiment Score®. The score is the net result of a destination’s promoter score and detractor score.

Tourism Sentiment Score calculation
How the Tourism Sentiment Score® is calculated

On the TSI Live dashboard, the Tourism Sentiment Score® module provides the summary view of a destination’s overall performance. It is shown through three points:

  • Tourism Sentiment Score®: The destination’s overall score that is determined by combining the sentiments of promoters and detractors.

  • Sentiment breakdown: The distribution of sentiment across promoters, passives, and detractors.

  • Period-over-period performance: The percentage of change over time among promoters, passives, and detractors.

Tourism Sentiment Score module from TSI Live
Tourism Sentiment Score® module from TSI Live

Putting the Tourism Sentiment Score® to work

The Tourism Sentiment Score® can range from -100 to +100 (lowest to highest performance). Where a destination’s score falls on that range indicates the overall perceptions of its tourism offerings. It is a powerful tool for gauging current performance and providing a benchmark to track over time.

Tracking this score provides insight into a destination’s ability to build on its positive reputation and minimize challenges. You can check and monitor a destination’s Tourism Sentiment Score® for the time period that you select (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly).

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