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How to: Use the sentiment trend line in TSI Live

Updated: May 2, 2022

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • What is a sentiment trend line?

  • How do I use the Tourism Sentiment Score Trend Line module?

  • How do I change the time frame of the sentiment trend line?

To understand the sentiment trend line and how to use it, watch this video tutorial or read the text explanation that follows.

The Tourism Sentiment Score® trend line shows how sentiment has changed for a destination over time. The trend line tells the story of where a destination has come from and how it continues to develop. It also reveals macro-level trends that can provide insight into how sentiment and reputation may fluctuate in patterns or in relation to known events.

The COVID-19 Crisis Index has a Crisis Sentiment Score trend line that reflects data about the pandemic instead of tourism. Use its trend line in the same way that this article describes working with the Tourism Sentiment Score Trend Line module.

Reading the data

On the Tourism Sentiment Index dashboard, go to the Tourism Sentiment Score Trend Line module. This graph plots the movement of your Tourism Sentiment Score® over time. Each point in the chart represents sentiment performance for that time period.

sentiment trend line
The sentiment trend line is a module in the dashboards for both indices in TSI Live.

When reading the chart, you see:

  • The vertical axis is the range for the Tourism Sentiment Score®.

  • The horizontal axis is time in terms of months, weeks or days (determined by the time frame selected when you generated the dashboard).

As you hover over any point in the chart, you see each destination’s sentiment score for that time period.

To change the range of time analyzed for this module, you must return to the top of the dashboard and change the time frame for the whole dashboard. For more information about setting up your dashboard, read How to: Select an index.

Putting the trend line to work

The trend line visualizes how word of mouth changes over time. Pairing this trend with the timing of tourism campaigns and programs can reveal how those activities and events contribute to people’s perceptions of the destination. Ultimately, tracking the sentiment score over time shows what progress the destination is making towards generating positive word of mouth.

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