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How to: Learn which tourism assets have the highest positive sentiment

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • Can you learn what people love most about your destination?

  • What is generating the most positivity about your destination?

  • Who needs to know about these positive assets?

If your destination's complete brand is the sum of all stories told about it, then you should be aware of which stories are most loved. The tourism assets -- sectors, attractions, services, etc. -- that people feel most positive about (and talk about) are important to consider for planning how to support and promote the destination.

TSI Snapshot shows you up to three assets that garnered the highest positive sentiment and how much of the online content they represent.

Tracking the most positive assets each month is vital to know where to focus your organization's efforts and makes staying competitive easier.

This part of TSI Snapshot is valuable for the marketing, social and digital teams to learn what assets they can leverage to coordinate tactics and strengthen your organization's impact across all media. It can also provide data to identify opportunities for the development of partnerships and cooperative programs with businesses, operators and people affiliated with the most positive assets.

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