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Getting started: Introducing TSI Live

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Our team has been working diligently to build on the value of the original Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI) and bring destination marketers essential data to aid in navigating the effects of the pandemic. Our efforts have produced TSI Live, which gives you the ability to:

  • Know the emotional state of people in target markets regarding COVID-19,

  • Pinpoint what experiences your target markets want and when,

  • Understand how you stack up compared to competitors,

  • Work smarter to do more with less,

  • Create winning business cases to secure funding.

TSI Live does all this by giving you a full view of your circumstances as your destination moves through the phases of recovery brought on by a crisis.

Phases of recovery
Considerations for destination's moving through phases of crisis recovery

Since 2018, TSI's mission has been to help destinations understand how their tourism experiences and marketing efforts affect word of mouth. This was provided through annual reports. With the addition of TSI Live, we are also offering an online dashboard that gives you real-time data to check your destination's progress more frequently and for specific periods of time. At launch, TSI Live also has a free companion module that tracks COVID-19 developments around the world. This module allows you to see the emotions and sentiments in your own location or in your target markets. It is designed to give you a view of how residents and potential visitors are feeling during the pandemic. This insight helps you determine the best time to implement marketing tactics and the right messages for those tactics.

Two modules of TSI Live
Two modules of TSI Live

With TSI Live, you can dive deeper into the findings about your destination, as compared to the annual report. Depending on which tier of TSI Live you have purchased, you can filter what you view by location, time, tourism or crisis category, sentiment type, online content source or even user location.

data filters
Dive deeper into the data by changing filters

We're here to help

Each TSI Live subscription starts with an on-boarding session to take a first look at your account and answer your questions about using the online dashboard. Tutorials to help with different features of TSI Live are available 24/7.

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