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How to: Select an index in TSI Live

Updated: May 2, 2022

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • What are the Tourism Sentiment Index and COVID-19 Crisis Index?

  • How can I navigate between the dashboards of the two indices that TSI Live offers?

To learn about the two indices offered in TSI Live and how to navigate between them, watch this video tutorial or read the text explanation that follows.

TSI Live allows you to gauge word of mouth about your destination through real-time data presented in two dashboards that measure the sentiment of thousands of the most current online conversations.

Understanding the index dashboards

To provide this comprehensive view of a destination, TSI Live offers two indices, each with its own dashboard:

  • Tourism Sentiment Index is a detailed look at how a destination is driving positive word of mouth. It tracks tourism performance by analyzing tourism-based conversations across 50 assets and comparing those results to other destinations.

  • COVID-19 Crisis Index provides an analysis of online conversations surrounding the pandemic. It shows how your destination and hundreds of other destinations cope with the crisis, particularly with recovery and reopening efforts. Because the crisis is global, this index has a broad view of general attitudes. It is helpful in measuring feelings during the pandemic of local residents and of people in target markets around the world.

Navigating to and from each dashboard

To begin, select the index on the start page that you want to view. This start page appears after you log in.

TSI Live start page
Select which index you wish to view from the start page.

While you are viewing the dashboard of one index, there are two ways to switch to the other index.

Option 1: Click the title at the top of the dashboard. A dropdown menu will appear where you can click to change the index.

TSI Live index dashboard title
Change dashboards by using the menu at the top.

Option 2: Click TSI Live in the top left corner to return to the start page and select the dashboard for the other index.

link back to the start page
Clicking TSI Live takes you back to the start page.

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