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How to: Learn which tourism assets are driving awareness of your destination

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • How can you understand what has the greatest influence your destination's reputation?

  • What is driving awareness of your destination?

  • Who needs to know about these drivers?

If your destination's complete brand is the sum of all stories told about it, then you should be aware of what stories are told the most. The tourism assets -- sectors, attractions, services, etc. -- that are the topics of most online content and conversations are driving awareness of your destination and affecting its reputation for better or worse.

TSI Snapshot shows you up to three of the most talked-about assets and how much of the online content they represent.

Tracking these drivers each month can be important top-line reporting to understand what is driving the conversation about your destination and whether you should consider action to reinforce it (positive) or address it (negative).

This part of TSI Snapshot is valuable for the marketing team to see potential alignment with current initiatives with owned channels, content planning, campaigns or partnership engagement, and to compare and contrast to competitors' performance with similar assets.

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