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How to: Determine the health of your destination's complete brand

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • What is a complete brand?

  • How does brand health relate to reputation?

  • How can you measure reputation and brand health?

  • Who needs to know about brand health?

Your destination's complete brand is the accumulation of all stories being told about it (from your organization, the tourism industry, residents, visitors, etc.). Your destination's reputation is generated by these stories of positive, neutral or negative experiences. The Tourism Sentiment Score® was designed to measure reputation. When your complete brand is healthy (when the many tourism assets of your destination have positive sentiments), your destination's reputation is strong.

We designed TSI Snapshot to be part of your ongoing reporting to provide a constant view of your destination's complete brand health.

This report is particularly helpful for an executive director, chief marketing officer, vice president of marketing, or marketing director. TSI Snapshot is designed to keep your whole organization apprised of how your brand is doing and how your reputation is developing.

Destinations find TSI Snapshot to be a useful source for reporting at monthly executive meetings, for tracking the Tourism Sentiment Score® as a KPI and to share with staff at organization-wide meetings.

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