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How to: Learn which tourism assets are trending lower

This tutorial answers the questions:

  • What experiences are people reading or talking less about for your destination?

  • Which tourism assets are declining in interest your destination?

  • Who needs to know about these assets that are trending down?

If your destination's complete brand is the sum of all stories told about it, then you should be aware of which stories are losing attention rapidly. The tourism assets -- sectors, attractions, services, etc. -- that are showing significant decreases month over month are the areas where interest in waning or may be fading naturally as seasons change.

TSI Snapshot shows you up to three assets that experienced the greatest decrease in volume and how much they have dropped since last month.

Tracking assets that are trending down can help you establish and understand the seasonal nature of your destination's experiences.

This part of TSI Snapshot is valuable for a team monitoring the potential impact of any strategies for redistributing visitors into shoulder or low seasons.

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