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Our experienced team is available to help media covering the Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI) by providing fact-checking services, digital assets and more.

Here's how we can help you:


  • Offer compelling story ideas about perceptions of tourism and places during the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • Send a media kit summarizing TSI, TSI Live and the COVID-19 module;

  • Give access to a digital gallery containing high-quality reproduction samples and other key assets;

  • Arrange interviews with TSI spokespeople;

  • Provide fact-checking services.

For more information, or to request access to our media kit, digital asset gallery and more, please contact our media team.

What is the Tourism Sentiment Index?

The Tourism Sentiment Index and its online dashboard, TSI Live, provide essential, real-time data to measure perceptions of tourism destinations around the world. 


Destination marketers use TSI to determine how people around the world feel about their destinations and competitors, so they can adjust and tailor marketing as necessary. TSI currently gathers data to measure sentiments about nearly 20,000 destinations, a collection that continues to grow.


COVID-19 recovery

Up-to-the-moment insights help destinations make confident decisions, especially during the unpredictable and volatile recovery period that has followed the global pandemic. 


TSI Live’s COVID-19 module shows how travellers perceive the pandemic and how residents perceive travel and safety, both critical pieces of feedback to inform a successful tourism reopening strategy. Marketers can also compare their destinations’ real-time data with a competitor, and track sentiments over time.

Media contact

For interviews and media inquiries, please contact:

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