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Hundreds of places around the world are using Tourism Sentiment Index to learn how people really feel about their destinations and tourism experiences. Sentiment analysis gives destination marketers a way to monitor and measure reputation, popularity, brand, performance and other approaches to understand the effectiveness of destination development and promotion.

Our customers are using sentiment analysis to inform their planning, to motivate their industries, to track progress and to celebrate success. We are putting some of these destinations in the spotlight to see how they have applied Tourism Sentiment Index. These are their stories.

South African Tourism logo

South African Tourism is charting its way through the impacts of the pandemic, using Tourism Sentiment Index to measure  and  fuel progress. The country’s Tourism Sentiment Score® is its primary brand performance indicator and rallying point for the country to take action.

City of Melbourne logo

Being a city destination requires vigilance. While Melbourne, Australia, is a popular place, competition is plentiful. The City of Melbourne uses Tourism Sentiment Index to get an ongoing view of its competitors and to zero in on its top visitor experiences. Developing tourism accurately and efficiently helps the City continue to balance its diverse population’s needs with economic development.


Richmond Region Tourism logo

Richmond, Virginia, is steeped in North American history. Its storied past can stir the full range of emotions, and as the city’s history continues to be written, Richmond Region Tourism is using Tourism Sentiment Index to track the destination’s reputation and to make informed decisions about if and how to respond to current events and external influences.


Discover Surrey logo

Surrey, Canada, is on pace to be the biggest city in British Columbia by 2030, bigger than its famous neighbor, Vancouver. As Surrey grows physically, Discover Surrey is finding new ways to help the city’s reputation grow positively, too. Discover Surrey relies on Tourism Sentiment Index to understand the progress it is making in fostering positive sentiment around distinct Surrey experiences through integrated campaigns. Off to a strong start, Surrey was the 12th most loved destination in Canada, according to 2021 sentiment data.


Tourism Sentiment Index provides sentiment analysis through an array of products: on-demand data through TSI Live, quarterly rankings, monthly reports and more. To learn how your destination can access and apply sentiment analysis, please get in touch.


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