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Market research consistently shows that word of mouth is and always has been the predominant influence on the travel decision-making process.

In the world of online and digital communication, peer-to-peer conversations are one of the most trusted sources of information for selecting travel destinations and determining which experiences to try.


Capturing the sentiment of word of mouth is a powerful way to monitor the success of a destination. Now, the Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI) lets you measure what people really feel and what they find most worthy to share about your destination. With the arrival of TSI Live, you can view immediate sentiment changes through an online dashboard that is updated daily.

Get TSI Live or a TSI annual report today to reveal your destination’s Tourism Sentiment Score®.

The Tourism Sentiment Index is the only one of its kind in the world for two reasons:

  1. It is purpose built for destination marketing.

  2. Customers get access to data from thousands of other destinations around the world.

While there are a handful of companies offering generic sentiment analysis, the Tourism Sentiment Index is much more powerful than what they offer. Several important elements set this report apart:

  • Tourism Sentiment Index provides a destination marketing organization with findings drawn from sentiment analysis without the need to add technical skills or additional effort in house.

  • The tourism marketing metrics in the report are specific for destinations.

  • The methodology behind the Tourism Sentiment Score® ensures that conversations about a place that are not relevant to tourism are excluded from the result.

  • The Tourism Sentiment Index findings include comparative destinations and offer a holistic view of a destination by examining 50 tourism assets.


500,000 platforms.

The Tourism Sentiment Index includes more than 500,000 online, peer-to-peer communication platforms, including all major social networks and review sites.



TSI analyzes unprompted and unbiased peer-to-peer conversations happening around your destination, a view that no customer survey or focus group can provide.


a sample of opinions.

Through TSI, we scan, analyze and index more than 1,000,000 online conversations from around the world that are affecting perceptions of your destination.


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